Giardino Botanico Dina Bellotti Alessandria - Wedding Visit Piemonte

Dina Bellotti Botanical Garden

Those couples who wish to have a green wedding will find exactly the right venue in the Botanical Garden. This will allow them to get married in the midst of nature, yet within walking distance of the centre of Alexandria. The venue is also an exceptional photographic set: from the romantic little bridge of the fish pond, to the greenhouses housing more than 1,200 species in various climatic environments, to the beautiful parrots, which can be amusing protagonists of guests’ videos.


(Civil ceremony in summer)
Address:  via Monteverde, 24 – Alessandria (AL) 15121
(Responsible office: Ufficio Matrimoni e Unioni Civili)
Address: Palazzo Comunale, lato sinistro, secondo piano
Tel:+39 0131 515427+39 0131 515177
Website: Comune di Alessandria