Ricetto di Candelo - Wedding Visit Piemonte
Ricetto di Candelo - Wedding Visit Piemonte

Ricetto di Candelo

Ricetto di Candelo is one of the most beautiful hamlets in Italy. Amidst mighty walls and high towers, enveloped in an evocative atmosphere of times gone by, it is home to the Ceremony Hall, a venue where you can breathe in all the history of the village and experience a fairytale wedding.

A few kilometres from Biella, within a pedestrian village away from the hustle and bustle of cars and modern life, but still in a place that is easily accessible and rich in services. The hall, owned by the municipality, is located on the ground floor. The interior of the hall, thanks to its large windows, seems to welcome the streets of the Ricetto, passageways that daily host the life of the place, within the celebration. To celebrate a timeless love immersed in an authentic medieval atmosphere, in a place that seems to have stopped centuries ago.


Address: Piazza Castello, Candelo
Tel: Ufficio Anagrafe +39 015 2534116
E-mail: ufficioanagrafe@comunedicandelo.it
Website: www.comunedicandelo.it

A.T.L. Biella Valsesia Vercelli
Tel: +39 0161 58002