Church of S. Marta or S. Maria di Loreto Arona

Towards the end of 1592, thanks to the intervention of Margherita Trivulzio Borromeo and her son Federico, not yet a cardinal, the foundation stone was laid for the construction of the church that would house a life-size reproduction of the Holy House of Loreto. Local sources attribute the authorship to the architect Pellegrino Tibaldi, but, from recently discovered documents, it seems more likely that the project was carried out by Martino Bassi.

The two-flight access staircase and the portico above, added later, are, however, to be attributed to Francesco Maria Richini (1646). Entering through the single portal, one finds oneself in front of the imposing high altar above which stands the splendid marble statue of the Assunta by Marcantonio Prestinari (1613).

The artist, who was working on the Duomo statues, came in person from Milan to execute the work commissioned by Cardinal Borromeo. The distinctly Baroque altar, resting on the pre-existing structure of the House of Loreto, was designed to create colour contrasts with the use of white and black marble, designed to bring out the whiteness of the statue of the Assumption.


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