Rocca Borromea di Arona Park

The Rocca Borromea of Arona is a fortress built for defensive purposes overlooking Lake Maggiore. Together with its twin Rocca Borromea of Angera, it was one of the main strategic control points of Lake Maggiore in ancient times. In 1538, the Rocca gave birth to the future Cardinal San Carlo Borromeo. The history of the Rocca ended in 1800 when the Napoleonic army received orders to destroy some fortifications occupied by the Austrians.

Since then, only a few ruins remain of the Rocca di Arona. Since September 2011, after maintenance and safety work, the park is once again accessible. The Rocca Park offers the possibility of holding special events in an absolutely unforgettable location with a spectacular view of the entire town of Arona.


(Civil ceremony)
Address: Via alla Rocca 22, 28041 Arona (NO)

Distretto Turistico dei Laghi
Tel: +39 0323 30416