Palazzo Cuttica a Cassine - Wedding Visit Piemonte
Palazzo Cuttica a Cassine - Wedding Visit Piemonte

Palazzo Cuttica in Cassine

Palazzo Cuttica di Cassine is one of Alessandria’s most iconic places: built as an elegant aristocratic residence in the 18th century, it now houses the Conservatory and the City Museum. The doorway in the modest façade provides access to the two courtyards, and then continues along the monumental staircase leading to the main floor, where the hall dedicated to events and celebrations is located, revealing all the decorative richness of the place, with stuccoes, paintings and marble, the perfect setting for a sophisticated wedding.
(Capacity: approximately 80 guests)


(Civil ceremony)
Address: Via Parma, 1 – Alessandria (AL) 15121
(Responsible office: Ufficio Matrimoni e Unioni Civili)
Address: Palazzo Comunale, lato sinistro, secondo piano
Tel: +39 0131 515427+39 0131 515177
Website: Comune di Alessandria