Sala degli Sposi: Villa Marzoni

Villa Marzoni stands on a natural hillock, in the centre of the village of Tornaco, on the remains of an ancient fortification, dating back to the 15th century, of which traces of two cut-off towers, the entrance arch and part of the ancient walls are still recognisable in the villa’s park. Events, people, famine, wars and hereditary succession left the castle to decay from 1646 onwards. From then on, the land and buildings within the fortified perimeter were dismembered and acquired by local farmers.

In 1896, engineer Luigi Marzoni purchased the entire property and built a beautiful country villa. The building is accessed through a large courtyard with a portico on one side. The central part of the three-storey building has several rooms with coffered wooden ceilings inside. To the west of the building is a large, well-planted, lawned garden. Today it is the permanent seat of the Museum of Rural Civilisation of the Bassa Novarese.


Address: Villa Marzoni – Via San Carlo, 14 – 28070 Tornaco NO
Tel: +39 0321 846118
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