Turin: breathtaking landscapes and fairytale panoramas

One can find countless reasons to hold a wedding in or around Torino, an area steeped in art and culture, with a wealth of historical heritage and iconic landscapes. But the city and its surroundings have plenty more to offer:
• The Royal Residences, declared UNESCO ‘World Heritage Site’ in 1997, for example, the Baroque splendour of the Reggia di Venaria, surrounded by its vast Gardens. And then there is the complete circuit of residences built by the Royal House of Savoy, known as the ‘Corona di Delizie‘ (Crown of Delights). If seen from above, the Royal Residences form a sweeping crown around the Palazzo Reale in Turin.

• The Alps are within easy reach. Breath-taking and enchanted snowy landscapes in the winter, verdant pastures and mirror-like lakes in the summer. Such are the mountains of Alta Val Susa and Chisone, the extraordinary backdrop to the 2006 Winter Olympics.

Age-old culinary traditions paired with the superb red and white wines from the province of Torino and the tempting delights of gianduiotti and chocolates.

• Proximity to all international destinations: Torino Airport lies just 16 km from the city centre.


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