Villa Ottolenghi Wedekind Aqui Terme - Wedding Visit Piemonte
Villa Ottolenghi Wedekind Aqui Terme - Wedding Visit Piemonte

Villa Ottolenghi Wedekind Acqui Terme

Villa Ottolenghi Wedekind is an exceptional example of 20th century art, to which famous architects such as Marcello Piacentini and artists such as Arturo Martini, Fortunato Depero and Venanzo Crocetti contributed, thanks to the patronage of the Ottolenghi Counts. Couples will find in its halls a unique and evocative setting for all stages of the wedding day, from the ceremony of the festivities, up to the wedding night in the splendid rooms on the first floor.

Guests will be able to immerse themselves in the magical setting of the park, designed by the famous landscape architect Pietro Porcinai, winner of the 2011 European Heritage Garden Award. You will have the opportunity to visit the mausoleum, known as the Temple of Herta, and the wine cellar, which offers high quality wine production. If the works of art were not enough, to fill your eyes with beauty, just admire the landscape of the surrounding vineyards, whose colours change with the seasons.
(Capacity: in the halls up to 200 guests)


(Religious ceremony and reception)
Address: Strada Monterosso, 42 – Acqui Terme (AL) 15011
Tel:+39 335 631 2093

The Villa is private, for the wedding you must also contact the Municipality of Acqui Terme:
(Ufficio di riferimento Stato Civile del Comune di Acqui Terme)
Tel: +39 0144 770256
Website: Comune Aqui Terme