Villa Picchetta

Villa Picchetta in Cameri, a stately home and property of the Park Management Authority of the Protected Areas of Ticino and Lake Maggiore, already mentioned in documents from the 16th century, overlooks the Ticino valley. It is enriched by three gardens, the Sala dell’Ottagono with its frescoes and the Sala Est with an imposing fireplace.

The historic building, acquired in 1989 thanks to a contribution from the Region of Piedmont, was once the manor house of an ancient agricultural complex, the Cascina Picchetta, consisting of rustic cottages and the villa itself, located in the centre of the settlement, which still stands out for the stately character of its architecture.

Since January 2001 it has become the headquarters of the Park and hosts its offices, conferences, educational visits, exhibitions and weddings. The entire building is organised in a U-shaped plan with turrets placed at the corners and dominated, in the centre, by a lantern tiburium. Still well preserved are the rich grotesque decorations of the Sala dell’Ottagono and those of the Portico on the west side, with landscape depictions.

After the restoration of the architectural parts and the gardens, the Villa has now become not only the headquarters of the Ente, but also the venue for various events and exhibitions, including conferences, concertsexhibitions, projections and other cultural events.

The Villa can be reached from the town of Cameri (NO) by taking Via Picchetta from the Sanctuary of the Madonna di S. Cassiano and following the signs. There is a car park 150 metres away and in the immediate vicinity there are refreshment facilities, accommodation and an equestrian centre.


Address: Via Picchetta – 28062 Cameri NO
Tel: +39 011 432001
Website: Villa Picchetta