Palazzo Bellini Palace

Bellini Palace is the result of an extensive renovation of an old one, carried out in the 18th century by architect Ignazio Melchioni. The Palace, located in Piazza Martiri della Libertà, opens on the ground floor with a portico supported by columns. A balcony underlines the archway that allows access to the main courtyard. From here, the main floor can be reached via the grand staircase, embellished with balustrades and frescoes in classical style.

The Ballroom has walls with faux marble and stucco decorations. The vault is adorned with a tondo painting of the Ratto di Deianira (Rape of Deianira) by the Centaur Nessus. The decorations in the smaller side rooms are emblematic of the power of the Bellini family of Oleggio, the last owners of the Palace before it was acquired by the municipality. Currently, the Palace, which overlooks the town square, is used by the municipality, which organises art exhibitions, weddings and cultural initiatives there.


(Municipality of Oleggio – Uff. Cultura)
Address: Piazza Martiri della Libertà, 10 – 28047 Oleggio NO
Tel:  +39 0321 969846