Villa Caccia

Perched on the Monte Cucco hillock, it dominates the entrance to Valsesia, allowing a view of the Monte Rosa massif to the north and a panorama of the hills and plains of Novara to the south. On the site of a pre-existing Capuchin convent, the monumental neoclassical building was constructed between 1842 and 1848, designed by Alessandro Antonelli, as the holiday residence of the Counts Caccia of Romentino.

Villa Caccia is now part of the Itinerario Antonelliano (Antonelliano Itinerary), promoted by the ATL of the Province of Novara. The bright white of the building stands out amidst the vegetation of centuries-old trees in the park, declared a ‘Botanical Garden of Regional Interest’, making it a landmark in the landscape. In addition to the restoration of the east wing as a museum venue, the restoration of the architecture of the greenhouse, now used as a venue for cultural events, was also important.

The eastern wing of the neoclassical Villa Caccia houses the Museo Storico Etnografico della Bassa Valsesia. In this evocative Antonellian structure, once the site of wine-making activities and the “Premiata Fattoria Vinicola dei Conti Caccia”, a journey through the history, traditions and material culture of Romagnano Sesia and the surrounding area is now offered.

Source: “Romagnano Sesia – Villa Caccia. Museo Storico Etnografico della Bassa Valsesia”


Address: Viale Antonelli, 1 – 28078 Romagnano Sesia NO

(Uff. Segreteria del Comune di Romagnano Sesia)
Tel: +39 0163 826869

(Museo Storico Etnografico Bassa Valsesia)
Tel: +39 342 163 1245